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Glypure™ glycolic acid

Men's Care Products Use

When used as a skin care ingredient, Glypure™ penetrates the skin effectively and stimulates cellular activity. It also can readjust the water percentage in the epidermis, allowing for smoother, softer and more radiant skin. What’s more, Glypure™ can enhance the performance in certain topical over-the-counter and prescription applications. These benefits in skin care have extended our reach into treating specific characteristics for men. Uniquely the exfoliating properties of Glypure™ help to prevent and/or reduce razor bumps.

Clinical data supports glycolic acid’s effectiveness as a skin and hair care ingredient. We have developed a series of starting point formulations specific to men's care products:

  • Men's Daily Moisturizer with Sunscreen
  • Men's Razor Bump Treatment
  • Men's Foot Cream
  • Hair and Scalp Shampoo

Learn more about how Glypure™ works and it's benefits in skin care and hair care.