Viton* fluoroelastomer

Viton™ Extreme™

Viton™ Extreme™ ETP-S base-resistant polymer for improved performance in harsh chemical environments

Viton™ Extreme™ ETP combines the excellent thermal resistance of Viton™ fluoroelastomers with unique resistance to chemicals and to environments that have historically exceeded the capabilities of conventional fluoroelastomers. This class of fluoroelastomer, designated as FEPMs by ASTM D1418, is the choice for high pH environments.

Viton™ Extreme™ ETP-600S

Viton™ Extreme™ ETP-600S, made with APA technology, provides superior processing and end-use performance, while offering excellent fluid resistance in harsh chemical environments.

  • Excellent resistance to acid, hydrocarbon and low molecular weight esters, ketones and aldehydes
  • Inherent resistance to base attack and low volume change in highly caustic solutions, amines and hot water
  • Low-temperature flexibility (Tg –10°C)
  • Improved compression set and physical properties for improved seal performance
  • Improved mold flow, faster cure rates, and improvements in mold release and mold fouling for efficient manufacturing

Because Viton™ Extreme™ ETP-600S has very low swell in hydrocarbons, ETP-600S provides exceptional service in automotive oil seals and oil field applications, as well as in automotive and aircraft fuels.

Viton™ Extreme™ ETP-600S is classified as an FEPM by ASTM D1418 and provides the excellent processing performance of specialty Viton™ FKM types produced with Advanced Polymer Architecture combined with the base and chemical resistance of an FEPM type. In complicated environments and chemically aggressive applications where standard FKMs or FEPMs are not an option, ETP-600S is the fluoroelastomer of choice. Viton™ Extreme™ ETP-600S truly is the best of both worlds.