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A collection of objects, drawn with a 3D pen, in which chemistry plays a critical role.
A collection of objects, drawn with a 3D pen, in which chemistry plays a critical role.

Chemistry is Essential
to Everything

Chemistry is at the heart of nearly every innovation and is driving a set of new essentials forward. It makes paint colors more vibrant, it’s helped the world turn technology into a wearable fashion accessory, and it continues to do so much more.


Chemistry is fueling the new essentials of everyday life.

Innovative chemistry moves the world forward, solves challenges, and provides the next new thing. It’s essential… at the center of everything we do. At Chemours, we bring solutions that are better, safer, more reliable, and more sustainable, through responsible chemistry to meet the needs of a world that demands more. We do extraordinary things to improve ordinary things—from keeping cars cooler and homes warmer to turning smartphones into smarter phones. For the past four years our world-class products and applications have enabled new innovations that have left the world more colorful, more capable, and cleaner.

A graphic representation of the Earth, drawn by a 3D pen.

As the world grows, so does our curiosity to see it all. In the past decade, air travel has increased by over 78%, and Chemours is meeting today’s rising demands and anticipating the future by playing a key role in the airline industry’s value chain*. With more planes in the sky than ever before, our chemistry continues to fuel the innovations that mobilize populations. Offering high-performance lubricants, mobile air conditioning, and fluoroelastomers, Chemours provides maximum performance and helps to enable various aspects of travel as we know it. From providing safe fire extinguishants for aircraft fire suppression to applications as high performing seal elastomers for the aerospace industry. And beyond air travel, with over a billion cars on the road, and millions more rolling off the assembly line, lower global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants for automotive air conditioning, like Opteon™, are needed now more than ever**.

Chemistry is connecting consumers like never before.

As the world becomes more connected, chemistry is enabling and improving the way consumers interact with businesses and each other.

A graphic representation of a generic smartphone, drawn by a 3D pen.

Today’s world is an ever-expanding web of information, and chemistry plays a critical role in the digital transformation. Greater demands on power consumption and performance in a pocket-sized form has placed greater demands on efficient power management in the chips that power today’s smart devices. Teflon™ fluoropolymers enable smaller and more reliable semiconductors that go into these smart devices. Through semiconductor innovations, chemistry is making it possible for your device to be a portal to the World Wide Web at an even faster rate.

A graphic representation of the Earth, drawn by a 3D pen.

We are not just connecting faster to each other; the devices which allow us to do so are also transforming at an accelerated rate. Chemistry isn’t just changing the way we connect to the world; it also plays a key role in developing new solutions for how we interact with technology every day. This chemistry enables many of the components that make wearable technology wearable in the first place. Many don’t realize that Viton™ fluoroelastomers have become relied upon ingredient in making wearable devices more durable.

Chemistry is improving the quality of everyday life through new innovations.

Chemours uses chemistry to make life better. From creating the technology that helps extend the shelf life and maintain the nutritional value of dairy products, to developing the paint pigments in the colorful walls of our homes, Chemours’ products have both directly and indirectly played a role in improving many essentials of life.

A graphic representation of an electrical plug, drawn by a 3D pen.

As the global middle class rises, so do the expectations for a higher quality of life. Sale of fresh food in the country has increased by 5% annually from 2011 to 2015***. While consumers’ purchase behavior has shifted towards more exotic and high-quality produce, we continue to make it easier to transport and store fresh produce. With 99% lower GWP than previous generation refrigerants, Opteon™ refrigerants help bring fresh produce from farm to fork with minimal environmental impact.

Chemistry is an essential source that fuels our everyday lives, even without us realizing it. From smartphones to smartwatches, chemistry is essential in providing the world its tools for continued innovation. Chemours isn’t just harnessing the power of chemistry to make life better for now, but also anticipating what’s to come and utilizing the science that surrounds us to make everyday life better for the future.

An image of three young girls using smartphones illustrates how the essentials of modern life have changed due to technological advances enabled by chemistry.

The New Essentials

Delivering the fundamentals of modern life—from cooling to connectivity—responsibly.

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